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 VIP How To Buy

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PostSubject: VIP How To Buy   VIP How To Buy EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 10:20 am

Well VIP is actualy going to be pretty cheap, especially with the big start off of VIP specials.

As a grand opening special package, the first TWO people to purchase 1 Month VIP will receive an extra 11 Months for FREE (1 year for price of 1 month)!

Also, the first person to purchase 2 Weeks of Vip, will get an extention of 2 weeks to it (1 month for price of 2 weeks)!

The first user to purchase Unlimited VIP, gets a special rank name, and access to another private forum we have that VIP's don't get access too. The first person to purchase Unlimited VIP, also gets a free Combat Arms or Soldier Front account! So go buy now~!

2 Weeks Full VIP: $12.50

1 Month Full VIP: $20.00

3 Month Full VIP: $50.00

6 Month Full VIP: $80.00

Unlimited Full VIP: $100.00

How to buy:

To purchase VIP please send the specific amount of money for the package you are purchasing to Gerbil@live.com via PayPal.com. Once you have done that, PM me with your information (PayPal Email, length of your VIP purchase, and amount of money you sent.). Your VIP subscription will start within the day you pay.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via MSN at Gerbil@live.com
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VIP How To Buy
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